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Information on Australian Semi Precious Stones

Australia has long been a well known source of precious stones such as Opal, Sapphires and Diamonds, yet so many other striking gems are only coming to light in more recent years. Due to Australia’s vast size and remote location, prospecting for stones can be a challenging undertaking, and many of the remote mountain ranges in Australia remain relatively unexplored.

Our silver jewellery range uses many Australian stones, and our collecting ventures continue to uncover new sources.
Here is a list of some of our featured stones.

“Ocean” Kyanite

This striking electric teal coloured Kyanite comes from our mineral claim in Harts Range, central Australia.
These gemmy crystals form in a black mica schist in small isolated pods and veins. Kyanite in various shades of blue and green are found in the area, however this tropical ocean coloured variety is the rarest.


Another well known Australian stone, Chrysoprase has been mined in north Queensland for over 20 years.
New finds in Western Australia have produced some nice material such as the photo on the left.
Our jewellery features some beautiful Chrysoprase in checker cut and regular cabochons, set into rings and pendants.


This rare stone takes its beautiful green hues from its Nickel content, and has only been found in one deposit in Western Australia. This location has long since been worked out, and the only Gaspeite available on the market now comes from small supplies collected many years ago.
Another stone similar in colour to Gaspeite is Mojave (Mohave) Turquoise, which is often marketed as being Gaspeite. 

Black Tourmaline

Although relatively common around the world, Black Tourmaline is very difficult to find in solid, stable crystals strong enough to be cut into stones and used in jewelery. One such deposit exists in Australia, where large sections of Tourmaline crystals have been successfully cut into beautiful, lusterous cabochons and checker cut stones.

Clear Quartz (Rock Crystal)

From several locations in Australia, we now have a selection of brilliant gems cut from high grade Rock Crystal. Clear Quartz of faceting grade can have a range of subtle colour hues, just like diamonds, with crystals from certain areas seeming to have more “fire” and sparkle to them. Our latest stones from central Australia are some of the finest we’ve seen so far.